A Centennial Treat

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Tipster Nishant Batsha Reports:

“There’s a bunch of tents set up in front of Hamilton to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the building. I asked some guy dressed up in colonial-era clothing and he said it was open to “students, alumni, and donors.” Free pastries!”

Sounds good.  



















Photos by a person with a Buffalo area code, sent via cell phone. Thanks, Buffalo Bill/Betsy!


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  1. Alex  

    And not just any pastries, pastries in mine image!

  2. hmm

    colonial costume to celebrate a building from the beginning of the 20th century?

  3. umm

    was there any notification of this? email? letter? who's sponsoring this event? why is it on a weekend when no one's around?

    • mmu

      Courtesy of that panopticon of information, Lerner EMS-

      Event Name:100th Anniversary of Hamilton Hall
      Date:Saturday, September 08, 2007
      Time:6:00 AM to 12:00 AM
      Building:Outdoor Space
      Room:Hamilton Lawn
      Customer:UDAR, Alumni Relations
      Event Type:(none)

      Thanks for the heads up Columbia Alumni Affairs!


      • Friend of Alumni  

        Is your contact information with the Alumni Office accurate? Every alumnus/a I know heard about this event. Seriously, I know easily 10-20 people who received an email blast; it sounds like you need to update your contact details or there was a typo somewhere.

    • It was  

      invitation-only -- only some administrators, a lot of alumni, and one or two dozen students were there. You had to be on a guest list to get into the luncheon (held earlier in Low) and you had to be at the luncheon to hear about the lawn party outside of Hamilton. They were pretty much letting anyone into the lawn party, but they didn't advertise it.

  4. smoke detector

    oh #5, welcome to columbia. you'll hear about 99% of events after they take place.

  5. Alum

    I'm a loyal alum who lives outside the metropolitan area but often visits NYC. I would have loved to have known about this event. Why no notice...not even an email blast?

  6. Aaron  

    for real, the high-level security didn't exactly say "Welcome Students."

    how is this a good way to spend my tuition?

    additionally, some asshole(s) released those fucking 20 million balloons into the atmosphere. um, i think that's called littering. nice job.

  7. Anonymous  

    Is it a celebration for the building itself or just the ancient elevators?

  8. well

    I got an e-mail from Colombo. It's apparently the kick-off for the "The Columbia Campaign For Undergraduate Education" i.e., the ugrad portion of the $4 Billion Campaign for Columbia.

    Spec mentioned that the campaign was kicking off today but never mentioned that there'd by a celebration with Ron Chernow (author of the recent Hamilton biography) speaking.

  9. hmmm  

    I'm fairly sure that this was an event to which they invited special people (students of import, people who donate money).

  10. Alum (but not #7)

    I'm pretty active in alumni affairs and I don't recall getting notice of this event. Then again, I live far from NYC and am not a major donor.

  11. honestly  

    it was kind of cheesy. there wasn't any security. i walked into the tent and grabbed a couple chocolate covered strawberries. no one even gave me a second look. they had hamilton's portrait imprinted on the cookies too.

  12. undergrad

    after going through my email, i realized i got this on august 21

    On behalf of Columbia College
    I, the Honorable Alexander Hamilton,
    cordially invite you to the

    The Columbia Campaign For Undergraduate Education
    Centennial Celebration
    Hamilton Hall
    (named for me)

    Guest speaker: Ron Chernow, author of Alexander Hamilton

    Saturday, September 8, 2007
    1:30 p.m.
    Hamilton Hall
    Columbia College

    Please register online by September 1, 2007

    Business Casual Attire
    Period Costumes

  13. over the top  

    seriously...come on. I feel like i'm in colonial williamsburg or something

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