Columbians + Art = An unholy marriage

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This Bwogger stopped down to the annual Art Parade on West Broadway today and was delighted to see an incognito CUMB (their CU Arts Nalgenes gave them away)representing Alma Mater not only in the recesses of downtown but amid a churning sea of be-glittered flesh, papier mache effigies, and young women held aloft by balloons. (Due apologies for poor image quality.)


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  1. cc'09  

    david albert is the man!

  2. cc...  

    God Save the Queen!

  3. The CUMB  

    is my one-true-love!!

  4. Phil  

    You guys aren't naked enough to be in this parade.

  5. CC '09  

    Seconded, David Albert is the man

  6. CUSB  

    I second that!

    Columbia University Stripper Band

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