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kkThis is shaping up to be a bad year for fun and games, especially in EC–last night and tonight, a line stretched out the door and down the steps. According to one correspondent, yesterday security guards bounced non-residents entirely. Walking through the 116th gates, Bwog also overheard a radio communique directing the posted security guard to meet in the Ruggles lobby to break up two parties raging a few floors up.

So, no parties in bars, no parties in dorms, no parties in frats.

We’re going to go cry now.




  1. it's only

    been a week, and the lines of visitors are already getting a little ridiculous. I truly don't give a shit if your freshman ass is aching for some cheap beer and cheaper ass, I want to be able to swipe in without standing in line for 20 minutes, because guess what? I ACTUALLY LIVE HERE.

  2. alexw  


  3. protest?

    come on, columbia students. this isn't just some cartoon, or some bake sale, or some group of redneck radicals onstage in lerner hall. this is about your right to party. so what happens when agents of power occupy every nook and cranny of your private space? follow the sages of 1968, and occupy theirs!

    • Anonymous

      THAT approach made Columbia radioactive for, oh, about 20 years. The College has only recently emerged from a generation of true mediocrity. Let's do it to ourselves again!

      Youth is terrific, except for an utter lack of historical perspective.

  4. the breakup

    of our parties threatens to curtail all the hot sex everyone is having!

  5. you gotta  


    Bah bum bum, bah bum bah bum bum.

  6. Why Solidarity?  

    No one touches the parties in Hogan. So you chumps can suck an egg for all we care.

    Or you can come over and dance nude on our tables.

    As always, the choice is yours.

  7. Anonymous  

    the problem of insanely long lines could probably be solved if security had more than one person swiping cards. it really sucks to come back to the dorm and have to wait in front of a few dozen drunk people who don't even live there, just it takes five minutes to sign each person in and there's not another guard to do the card swiping...

    • Anonymous  

      Except given the crackdown of this year, I would be willing to bet that the lines are intentional. The slow sign in not only keeps the building a bit emptier, but also makes EC a less desirable destination.

  8. a story  

    on thursday some friends in EC had a party, and an RA showed up BEFORE THE PARTY HAD EVEN STARTED saying that Columbia now searches facebook for party announcements. keep your party invites private, kids.

    also, lions head was carding at 3 pm yesterday. FUCK THIS LIFE

  9. what did

    C. Maxwell take over EC?

  10. ADP  

    is not a frat. They're a bunch of hipsters masquerading as a "literary society" under Greek letters.

  11. lol

    Darleney Cepin's REVENGE.

  12. respect  

    for the c. maxwell allusion

  13. The solution  

    What we need is a really, really violent student event to distract Student Affairs. I'm talking Republicans, SCEJ, the ISO, CUCSSA, Falun Dafa - all rolled into one giant pot of TNT. That should keep Colombo distracted long enough for us to party until we graduate.

  14. DHI  

    If Columbia's trying to pass Yale and Harvard in stats, taking away its main advantage (fun) is not going to help, seeing as New York City seems to also be getting less fun.

    • columbo

      don't you know you're supposed to be enjoying NYC like the models we bring in for columbia brochures? you know, sketching tympana at the cloisters, oggling the lights of times square, sipping shirley temples at south street seaport...

    • statistically

      speaking, Columbia is getting its clock cleaned by Penn in admissions. Sure we admit a lower percentage of students, but a significantly higher percentage of students admitted to Penn choose to enroll. The same is true at Brown.

      Columbia's actual desirability as a school is inflated. :(

      • Proof?  

        Is this really true? PENN beats COLUMBIA in selectivity?

        • stat monkey

          Columbia had a "yield" of 59%. That is, 59% of students admitted came to Columbia. Of that, 44% of students who had a "choice" (i.e. weren't admitted by binding early decision) enrolled.

          By comparison, the numbers for Penn are repsectively 66% overall, and 51% not including ED.

          That being said, Columbia's class of 2011 has a slightly higher SAT 25th percentile by 10 points.

          • Alum

            "Selectivity" usually refers to the admit rate, not the yield. That's because it measures selections made by the schools. Yield measures selections made by the applicants.

            The only ways to really compare the schools' admission records would be to (a) see what percentage of students admitted to both schools chose to go to each, and (b) compare the applicants who barely miss the cut at each school and see where the bars are set. The first option is feasible but the second is not -- partly because no one keeps track of these statistics and partly because there is no "bar" where the criteria are subjective and are applied differently by different schools.

          • well

            I would love to get more info on Columbia's Cross-Admit data. Any idea about who to contact regarding that?

            As per the reavealed preference rankings, keep in mind though that they are based on data that is now very dated. It was before the Ivies began a financial aid arms race and a number of other significant developments.

  15. bwog

    figure out who is behind the crackdown on booze. i will almost guarantee you, give how multi-pronged it is, that it is fairly high up in the administration.

  16. It's

    PrezBo's fault. He lives right next to EC, and on the nights that he is actually in his humble abode, he does not want to be disturbed by our parties, noises and awesome sex.

  17. Wien RA

    It's actually coming from Res Programs.. this year, there was much much more emphasis on parties and cracking down than in previous years. Even some of the really chill ADs toughened up. There's all sorts of new "get-tough" procedures out there that weren't in force last year

    • Res Life  

      Can't be behind the scanners thing though. Res' Life is under Colombo in Student Affairs, so it's either his directive, or one of his bosses (Quigley, Galil(?), Brinkley, or PrezBo)

  18. *shakes fist*  

    darrrleeeennnnyyyyyyy ceeeepppiiiiiinnnnnn!

  19. well

    Actually, M. Dianne Murphy is behind this. If she can't keep alcohol out of Baker, she'll keep it out of dorms instead. Will this woman stop at nothing??

  20. Alum

    Hey, even the Federalist Papers argued that many small parties were better than a handful of big ones.

  21. Alum

    Don't worry, Penn isn't beating Columbia at the admissions game. In addition to a liberal arts college and engineeering school, Penn also has Wharton undergrad and nursing. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples when you look at the admissions numbers. Wharton undergrad's stats help Penn's blended numbers quite a bit.

    The real test is overlap--where do kids go who are admitted to Penn's liberal arts college and Columbia College, or to Penn's engineering school and SEAS.

    Historically Columbia has won that battle and I would be very surprised if that has changed.

    Some academics surveyed students who were admitted to selective colleges and produced a study in December 2005 called A Revealed Preference Ranking of US College and Universities. They attempted to adjust for financial aid, legacy status, etc. Their rankings listing schools by where students decide to go in head to head competition are given below. There is more quantitative info if you read the study on the web.

    In this study which is three years old now, Brown edges Columbia, but both are comfortably ahead of Penn.

    Harvard University
    California Institute of Tech
    Yale University
    Stanford University
    Princeton University
    Brown University
    Columbia University
    Amherst College
    Wellesley College
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of Notre Dame
    Swarthmore College
    Cornell University
    Georgetown University
    Rice University
    Williams College
    Duke University
    University of Virginia
    Brigham Young University
    Wesleyan University
    Northwestern University
    Pomona College

  22. good god  

    can any conversation about anything here not devolve immediately into selectivity cock-measuring?

    • this

      is what happens when the admin won't let anyone get drunk. columbians' insipid, statistics-loving sober selves emerge.

      if they had been this tough on kerouac he might have ended up in a government accounting office...

  23. haha  

    get out of here alum.

  24. DHI  

    Whatever on that selectivity, transfer your ass if it's such a big deal. All I'm saying is that the administration clearly wants status and they're shooting themselves in the foot in the process of shooting the students in the gut.

    • that  

      would mean we're lying across their feet? it's amazing how even in that position columbia can manage to rape me anally
      prezbo's the man for a reason i guess but no one mentioned to him peter parker's immortal line: "with great power comes great responsibility" (and the assumed but unspoken addendum: "great power to empower undergrads to get trashed and have hot sex")

    • Prospective student  

      Well, I was going to pick Columbia, but now that the implementation of existing policies has changed, I guess I shall pick Penn, which may or may not have a higher yield. After all, I may be a prestige whore, but I'm a thirsty prestige whore.

  25. im sure  

    that this is all somehow linked to the fact that anne coulter called our school the out of control orgy school.,2933,232859,00.html

    man, fox news does have an audience.

  26. cunts.

    jesus christ. if you don't like it, live off campus. best decision i ever made. and i'm a senior.

  27. Foolproof Strategy  

    From now on, I'm only throwing my parties on Friday night-- I'll ask my non-EC resident guests to put on a kippah or a modest ankle length skirt, get them past security, and then it's fuckin' raging kegger time!

  28. Whining  

    The frats have been raging all semester.

  29. where the  

    hell is the movement to lower the drinking age?

    who the hell would party in a fucking steam bath of a dorm if you can drink elsewhere... legally?

  30. blue  

    Well, since they seem to be getting the party invitations off Facebook, the solution is pretty simple: start posting fake party events, and just make sure everybody on the invite list knows it's a fake.

    And then wait for security to show up.

  31. LAME  

    Happy to have graduated before Columbia started to give a shit about people having fun. How fucking lame-tastic that these pricks think that anyone who chose to live in EC was unaware that they would experience loud parties on thursday/friday/saturday nights. You need some sort of insane planned party in every suite on campus, spilled out into the hallway everywhere to overwhelm the lame-osity that is this present scheme. And make sure to lie about its date on the facebook. Columbia cannot do this.

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