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     Bwog happened upon a man making an intricate chalk drawing of the Virgin Mary–we think–on the sidewalk outside Havana Central. A collection hat said he was using donations to put his kids through college. We dropped some change in, admired some more, and moved on.



     …And in profane news, we hear all the parties in EC (and the Dems’ welcome back fiesta in Ruggles) were summarily broken up relatively early last evening. Boo hiss.


  1. mwahaha  

    not ALL the EC parties.

    we stuck it to the man

  2. sucks

    to hear about the parties.

    that drawing is simply amazing though. any contact info for the dude?

  3. maybe its me..  

    but I saw it today and it reminds me of the Sistine Ceiling, specifically the Delphic Sybil, but when I got back I looked at the wikipedia page (which is extensive) it doesn't match. It definitely looks like a Michelangelo thought, though I'm not so sure that its necessarily a woman...

  4. I'm  

    not surprised the Dems' party was busted. They had a line out the door of Ruggles to Strokos of people trying to get in.

  5. right room...  

    wrong surface. I was walking down there this evening and he's back. I asked him, and he showed me the image he was working from. Its Christ from the Last Judgement.

  6. a new idea....

    From now on, parties should play the music not too loudly... we got to be discrete now that the school is cracking down... seriously, if the music wasn't blaring, how would they know there was a party...

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