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jjFormer CC ’08 president Isaac Silverman has a new project. After taking a year off to found the never-quite-functional (which will be shutting down entirely this week) the now-junior has joined up with four Yalies to launch what he called a “really cool game.” The venture is called GoCrossCampus, a kind of massive Ivy-wide virtual game of Risk scheduled to launch October 22–right in the middle of midterms. 

According to a front-page article in the Yale Herald, Silverman met the GXC team while working together on another failed project, which would have been a “Craigslist for college students.” That one fell to the inexorable advance of Facebook. Bwog fears for this one as well, barring a truly massive show of interest by the D&D set.

Read this issue’s piece on student businesses here, or find it on newsstands today.

Also, it’s back! Sort of.



  1. Oh Well  

    I thought this looked awesome until I saw that it's Ivy League-themed.

    • isaac  

      it's not actually ivy league themed. but that does happen to be the theme of the game that's most pertinent to columbia students. we already have planned launches confirmed at upwards of 20 different schools and neither of the first two are ivy. :)

      if you're interested, you can check out RPIs promotion (which they most wonderfully designed) here:

      thanks for the post, bwog!

  2. hey lydia  

    thanks for being like the only person who seems to consistently sign their posts. it does mean something to some of us

  3. isaac  

    one other quick point to give credit where it's due: dmitry shevelenko c'08 is also helping out gxc.

    not to spam, but we're always looking for more developers and would really like to get even more columbia representation on board. so if you read this and have some experience please shoot me an email. if you have friends who can program, get them to shoot me an email.

    the non ivy gocrosscampus site is here

  4. wellington

    egad, look at the sample map. columbia is confined to long island? you couldn't even throw us westchester or bergen county?

  5. columbia better win

    gocrosscampus is online! but the game doesn't start until monday (oct 22). their info and signup page is

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