More like SlowSpec DUR!

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The new Spectator website ain’t working so hot right now. So hang tight, and we’ll get you a QuickSpec as soon as the Spec site loads. Or at least soon after that. 

UPDATE: There’s now a message on the website saying the site will be down for the day. It will return in the future. No, not the cool future where there’ cars flying around, or the apocalyptic future where the whole world is covered in ash, or the eventual future when we find out if the universe really has what it takes to tear apart subatomic particles, or even the wheat futures where you can buy grain that doesn’t yet exist. It will return in the boring “very near future.”

UPDATE #2: Word is that the site is down down, technical difficulties and all that. You might actually have to pick up a paper now, and think of funny headlines in your head.



  1. hmmm...  

    now we could read the entire paper for a change.

  2. halcyon  

    I liked all the links to the various futures.

  3. lame!

    they can't at least put a pdf up?

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