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Bwog presents this Fall’s off-off-off-Broadway line-up. Look for their inevitable posters later this semester.



Cowboys and Indians
(CU Players)

– 10/19-20

The Gist: A Will Snider (CC ’09) play about three guys, a campfire, and the American dream.

The Gimmick: A student written show that’ll be performed sober.

The Real Inspector Hound (Aporia Repertory Company/KCST)

– 10/19-20

The Gist: Agatha Christie meets literary theory.

The Gimmick: Post-show discussions with actors and crew, making it even more like you never left class.

Auditions Mon, Tue, Wed at 8pm in Hamilton Hall

King Lear (KCST) – 10/26-27

The Gist: Sometimes it’s not good to be king.

The Gimmick: Actually set in medieval England as opposed to, say, Japan.

Auditions Mon, Tue, Wed at 8pm in Hamilton Hall


The Sublet Experience (CU Players) – 11/9-10, 16-17

The Gist: Romantic comedy

The Gimmick: Performed in dorm rooms. Which may make it indistinguishable from a normal Saturday night.

(CMTS) – 11/15-17

The Gist: A musical about Charlemagne’s hunchbacked son. Yes, really.

The Gimmick: The whole score will be re-orchestrated for a rock band with the help of the original musical director of Pippin, Joe Klein.

No Exit and Variations on the Death of Trotsky (ARC/CU Players) – 11/16-17

The Gist: Hell is other people.

The Gimmick: Going up in an Off-Broadway venue, featuring the same cast and crew as “The Real Inspector Hound”

Auditions Mon, Tue, Wed at 8pm in Hamilton Hall

Agamemnon (CU Players) 11/16-17

The Gist: The Core Office sponsors yet another cycle of vengeance.

The Gimmick: Guaranteed audience of freshmen grudgingly looking for extra credit

Auditions Wed, Thu at 8-11pm in Hamilton Hall


Into the Woods (CMTS) – 11/30-12/1

The Gist: Little Red Riding Hood, Jack (of Beanstalk fame), Rapunzel, and Cinderella sing Sondheim, battle for their lives.

The Gimmick: Crew from V113

After Icarus Fell (Black Theater Ensemble) – 12/7-9

The Gist: An African-American family struggling to come to terms with their

ever-present and seemingly unshakable past.

The Gimmick: With an off-campus director and a script from MFA student Harrison Rivers, it’s undergraduate theater without the undergrads.



The Gist: Short student-written shows

The Gimmick: Alcohol

Accepting submissions later this semester


The Gist: Long student-written shows

The Gimmick: Last semester’s was a sci-fi musical…

Still accepting submissions until Wednesday, email


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  1. awesome

    thanks for the roundup

  2. Olivia  


    Auditions Last Week in September

    Student created musical satire about the holidays... it's bound to be a NAUGHTY secular spectacular!

  3. varsity alum

    i feel like a proud parent to 113 chorus-turned-amazing-leads of into the woods. congrats, guys!!!

  4. Beta Theta Pi  

    Will Snider is the man


    gimme gimme more

  6. stool boom  

    i wish i had time for theatre. who are these people?

  7. fan

    Is xmas definitely happening again, bwog? it was hilarious last year. any word?

  8. What?  

    aporia? that's new. who are they?

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