Auditions Are Upon Us

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Fruit Paunch, Columbia’s oldest improv comedy group, is having auditions tonight in the Broadway SkyLounge at 8 pm.

A few things:

  1. Fruit Paunch. Wouldn’t it be fun it it were called Fruit Pun-ch? Meta! And yet, not so!
  2. Wouldn’t it also be fun if an equally pun-loving (!) rival comedy troupe formed and called themselves The Original Kings of Comedy? Kings. Because this is Columbia, and there was that other consortium of comedians with the same name that included Bernie Mac. And also it would be ironic because they wouldn’t be the “Original” kings of anything. Because Fruit Paunch would have beaten them to the punch. Or should we say paunch?



  1. OMG


  2. funny people

    Funniest troupe on campus.

  3. WOWEE  



  4. Fruit Paunch =  

    the only comedy troupe on campus worth anything. Chowdah is total shit.

  5. pft  

    Addison Anderson was the only comedy on campus. Now everything is shit.

  6. oh, come on 'pft'

    Addison is good, but the group has done shows without him that were great. And they will get more good people this year.

    The seniors will be missed, but the group will rock on.

  7. sad

    2007 leaving has really left the campus performing arts community reeling. we miss you guys

  8. Alum

    Sorry, Bwog. Your name is funnier than this post.

  9. mouse  

    because all these fruit paunch posts clearly are coming from impartial observers.

  10. alex the parrot  

    you be good, see you tomorrow. i love you.

  11. COME ON

    Play fair, Paunch. Do you really need a Bwog post all to yourself?

  12. topto

    Alex Weinberg + Jeff Julian + Justin Grace = Klaritin = awesome

  13. alexw  

    Dear Internet,

    I am a member of Sweeps, and I like both groups.

    Is this allowed? Please get back to me.


  14. Colin  

    Both Paunch and Sweeps are better than Klaritin.

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