1. dude  

    you look petty and threatened when you dedicate a whole post to bashing another newsy organization. it's not an attractive shade.

  2. dude  

    The entire Barnard Bulletin is archived online in pdf AND is searchable.

    I still have to search the fucking microfilm for anything in spec earlier than 2000. Mad props.

    PS- does anyone read the barnard bulletin?

    • sweet  

      no self-respecting barnard (or columbia, for that matter) student actually willingly reads it. i remember skimming an issue last semester when some bimbo was whining about seeing a girl wearing a nirvana shirt, and when the author approached the girl about it, she discovered OMG SHE WASN'T A HUGE NIRVANA FAN!! WTF'z WITH ALL THESE POSEURS WTFLOLz NOT KOSHER. i'm not even joking - an actual, complete ARTICLE was published about this! it's one thing to be a music snot with a coin's worth of knowledge, intellect, and creativity, and quite another when all you can think to contribute to a publication is a shallow, full-page complaint about punxrox poseurs. (it wasn't even a legitimate critique - just a glass of elitist whine.)

      i would rather search through microfilm and find an article with arguable depth - or at least written about a legitimate ISSUE - than waste the three seconds to download bulletin pdfs.

      the sod that gets published in the bulletin is, honestly, shameful. no wonder we can't get respect on the other side of the street.

      (and this is coming from a barnard student so don't chalk this one up to columbia's anti-barnard sentiment.)

  3. bc student  

    the bulletin is an outlet for the beginning writers on our campus to find a voice in a publication and write about anything that interests them. it's also an 105-year-old publication that the College wants to preserve to some degree no matter what the content. being that the bulletin has limited funds and a (at this point, inhereted) poor reputation, it's hard for the magazine to attract enough writers to even fill the publication (at times, though not always), much less be choosy about the content. and whether you deign to recognize it or not, there are people at this school for whom the bulletin provides an opportunity that they might not have otherwise, or for whom the flexibility of a low-pressure publication might be just what they are looking for. don't rag on other people for working toward something they enjoy.

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