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RUN NOW and maybe you can catch the last slice of CCSC-sponsored free Domino’s pizza in front of Alma. (They started distributing at 11 a.m.).

UPDATE, 2:00 PM: The food’s gone, but circa six hours from now you can get MORE food at the same location from the College Republicans, who are holding a mixer on Low Steps.


  1. why  

    in god's name would anyone eat domino's pizza?

    the fact that a toilet pizza chain like domino's can survive in NY is disgraceful.

    • Choice  

      Why would people read Palahniuk when they could read Proust? Why would people watch Ratner movies when they can watch Tarkovsky?

      Because this is America and people are free to enjoy mediocrity should they prefer it.

      • except  

        you're comparing things that are mediocre forms of like things.

        a) Domino's is not pizza.

        b) Even if by some stretch of the imagination you consider Domino's to be pizza, it's an insult to Famiglia's to call Domino's mediocre. It's downright unacceptable.

        c) This is NYC. wtf are you doing getting Domino's?

  2. pizza is  

    as pizza does.

    Suck it if you don't like Domino's.

  3. coco

    there's no good pizza near columbia

  4. Lol wut?  

    Are you seriously criticizing free food? Domino's is cheap, which is why it was bought. Free food is free. Go eat the air if you don't like it. Oh yeah, and shut up.

    • semantics  

      I have no problem with free food.

      I contend that domino's pizza isn't food.

      • Troll  

        Can you seriously not bite your tongue about this terrible indignity? Food is anything people eat. For example, you and I probably don't define people as food. This doesn't mean that some people are eating non-food when they cannibalize someone, it just means they're eating a weird food. Oh yeah, and shut up.

  5. come on guys  

    we all know that free food just tastes better.

  6. domino's  

    is the most controversial and polarizing food in the world.

  7. board  

    Personally, I've always been more of a fan of jacks than of dominoes.

  8. King of pizza

    Domino's is 60% better than Famiglia. Its real flaw in NYC is that it's crazy expensive compared to the (probably better) pizza on the corner.

    Also, Koronet beats all (except V&T on a good day).

  9. DHI  

    Domino's pizza becomes very good when it becomes free.

    Sal and Carmine's is the best pizza that could reasonably be considered "near" Columbia, but Patsy's on 1st and 117th is within walking distance, especially from EC when the Morningside Drive door is open, and is the best pizza I've had in Manhattan. You need to get like a million slices because it's so thin, but that just makes it more enjoyable.

  10. To be fair  

    There are tons of single-shop amazing pizza places around NYC.

    Koronets is actually really good if it's fresh. If you get a slice that's been sitting on a heater all day, then all bets are off.

    As an NY native and one who would, and often does, eat pizza for every meal, I think Domino's is satisfactory, and free Domino's is all the sweeter.

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