Overheard: Awe edition

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kkIn front of Labyrinth:

TA 1: The other TAs are unbelievable to me, because they all went to Harvard and, like…

TA 1 and TA 2 (simultaneously): …remembered everything they learned!


Girl to her friend: “Yeah, Zeus is ALWAYS sluttin’ it up. He’s, like, the worst husband ever.”

Friend: “My mom’s a psychiatrist. Family counseling, mostly.”

From Prof. Michael Como’s “Japanese Religious Traditions”:

Student: What if it’s sex not for procreation?

Prof. Como: That can be wonderful!

Thanks to Seth Berliner and James Williams for overhearing.

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  1. yay!  

    I had Prof. Como two years ago. I'm glad to hear he's back from sabbatical in Japan. He is a great guy (usually unintentionally funny).

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