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With kids back in school, autumn is a perfect time for street-hitting activism to bubble up through the cracks in society. In the next few weeks, anyone seeking an interesting day-trip, a way to act on latent strains of idealism, or an excuse to visit friends at school in DC should check out one of the following events:

Declaration of Peace
, Sept. 14-21 

March on Washington, Sept. 15

People’s March on Congress, Sept. 17

Protest Bush at the UN, Sept. 25

Encampment (in front of Congress) and March, Sept. 22-29

National anti-war mobilizations, Oct. 27

No snark from us in this department.



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  1. yoyoyo  

    is there a bus or a group going to the march on washington, sept. 15? i remember in past years the socialists or someone set up a bus out there, anything like that this year? let a brother know

  2. Elna

    Oh, the protest at the UN sounds like fun! And might actually mean something, if we walked from columbia to the space without using gas, quite unlike the mass bussing to Washington.

    • gas?  

      You seriously object to antiwar protests in DC because it takes gas to get there? I have (numerous) issues with that, but first I want to see if that's actually a position anyone seriously holds.

  3. CCAW person  

    There's another event Bwog is missing; an NYC-wide student protest called by the Campus Antiwar Network at Hillary Clinton's office, to put pressure on her to take action to end the war. A Columbia contingent is meeting at the 116th & Broadway gates at 2pm next Thursday. I don't think there's a web mention up yet, but one should soon be available from§ionid=3&id=28&Itemid=37

    For the protest in DC this Saturday, no one's organizing buses from Columbia, but the ANSWER coalition has buses you can get on for $35. You can get a bus ticket from [email protected]

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