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  1. You must think I'm

    The NY Press article was fairly hilarious.

    "Before I knew it, we were at 42nd Street. As the doors opened, I turned toward my interlocutor. I put on my biggest grin and gave him a cheerful wave: “Have a very nice day, sir!”

    He twitched. Fists clenched. A bead of sweat rolled down his forehead. As the doors opened he let out one last gem: “You look pretty nice. FOR A PROSTITUTE!”

    Touché, crazy man. Touché."

  2. Excuse  

    Um, getting fucked over by the company that wrote the code for the website over the summer and delivered it in the rough equivalent of turning in a term paper without proofreading. The problem is that making mistakes in coding is easy to do, but finding them is much much harder.

  3. just

    just refresh the spec page. the imagine mosaic is sinking!

  4. Observer

    unlike columbia boys, spec got it back up.

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