1. they should  

    evict all frats. more room for us normal people.

  2. Anonymous  

    While the Zeta Psi issue seems a bit of a stretch (they were sternly warned and then some asshole puts a hole through a ceiling in the house, they had to see the writing on the wall [pun intended]), Avorn's article was the one that had legitimate complaints. Only problem was that he made it sound like it's only the Greek organizations that get screwed over by housing. I have stories of my own as well as friends with stories that rival Avorn's and we have no affiliation with Greek life here. We've all been fucked over by housing, it's not just the Greeks.

  3. and...  

    Like a phoenix it bites the dust again...

    Down again. What the hell are you people doing over there?

  4. well  

    axo is actually getting the zeta psi house, and they voted for the eviction. conflict of interest, no?

  5. get over it

    I'm sorry if your porcelain tea cup and matching saucer are too precious to put down to engage in such a barbaric act unbecoming of true gentlefolk.

  6. Hey guys

    That isn't eminent domain.

  7. regardless

    Of what they did, the process was bullshit. Having people with legitimate reason to WANT you evicted making the decision to evict you is a clear conflict of interest.

    That being said--they did make holes in things and fail to fill their house consistently.

    Lastly-get off the fraternity/sorority stereotypes. The line outside EC last weekend indicates that *gasp* a lot of people in college enjoy alcohol and socializing--not just those wearing letters.

    The "War on Fun" is pretty apparent this year. Frats are on the front line, and while you may make fun of our misfortune, its only a matter of time before the shadow of merciless bureaucracy creeps over your dorm as well.

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