They Coulda Been Fighting a Real Fire

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fire officersOh those Krazy Karman Kids!

A brigade of three fire engines and two support vehicles showed up at Carman tonight around 10:15 to squelch a firey blaze of nothing. According to a few of the dozens of students milling about outside, this is the third or fourth false alarm the building’s had in the last two days (and EC’s been having them left and right too). A harsh blinking light from a fifth-story window betrayed the source of the genius who pulled the alarm or otherwise caused it to go off.

This has got to cost the University something…  

– SEV 

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  1. oh...  

    The university could give a shit about how much it costs... It's completely reflected in our Room and Board fees...

    Assholes... That's why there was no flipping out about the fire alarms in Hamilton during the War Strike in March...

  2. Anonymous  

    It was worse last year in Broadway.

  3. Costs?  

    Would we really be paying the FDNY extra for the false alarms? I thought this stuff got taken care of w/ taxes

  4. who cares  

    about the university spending money? what about caring about firefighters wasting time dealing with shmucks pulling the fire alarm when they could be where they are actually needed?

    • Actually  

      If there had been a few hundred false fire alarms on September 11, 2001, hundreds of firefighters would still be alive. It's nice to imagine they showed heroism and helped people, but no, mostly they should have never gone in that deathtrap.

  5. I feel like

    September 11 is coming close to becoming the new "Hitler" of message boards. Also, Kanye is soundly kicking 50's behind. Agree or disagree?

  6. okay  

    first of all–agree or disagree? this isn't [email protected]

    the university has an arrangement with the fdny. they get so many alarms a year, and when they exceed that, they pay a several thousand dollar fee for each one. they exceed every year.

    • weird  

      i don't see why the university would pay the FDNY any special fees. on a per capita basis, surely columbia residence halls experience the same or fewer fire alarms as other NYC buildings.

      • um, no  

        Things like this don't work on a per capita basis, they work on a by building basis. The fact is, most NYC buildings are populated by adults who know better than to randomly pull fire alarms for shits and giggles.

  7. advice  


  8. fdny

    As far as I know, it's a $3000 fee every time the FDNY get called. Even if the calls are 10 minutes apart. Maybe that's why housing costs are so ridiculously high.

  9. or,  

    or open doors to get to roofs.

  10. since when  

    are fire alarms news? or, for that matter, since when have freshmen being idiots been news?

  11. hmm  

    i guess you couldnt have done Crazy Carman Cids

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