1. will

    CML be doing more football reviews?

    We got pwn3d today.

  2. :-(

    global ink's closing is the most depressing thing to happen in the neighborhood for a long time.

    most people reading will not remember this, but several years ago a chain newsagent opened across the street from global ink. people in morningside stayed away and solely patronized global ink in order to drive the competition away. in the end, global ink prevailed.

    bwog/b&w, could you do a story on why the decided and/or were forced to become a shoe store?

  3. aww  

    i want global ink back.

  4. sucks  

    It sucks, but that is the way it is. With internet news, and people not willing to pay for periodicals, Global Ink just could not provide a viable product. I doubt the shoe store will succeed as well.

  5. what  

    kind of shoes are we talking?

  6. Sprinkles

    It's sad that Global Ink is gone. I always shopped there. Any self-respecting college neighborhood needs an international newsstand. But at least the shoe shop has the same owner.

    • well

      this being NYC, there are already two-three international newsstands along broadway. so if you really need a paper guardian or corriere della serra, they've got you covered.

      but what was cool about global ink was the variety. I mean, what's to miss is the easy access to der spiegel, die zeit, and le monde diplo...etc. I'm not even sure where downtown one goes to get such things.

  7. sad

    More to the point, Global Ink was the only store in the neighborhood that carried super-thin Rizlas. Now that my supply is running low, I'll have to get high on Zig-Zags or (gasp!) EZ-Widers. Oh, the humanity!

  8. and  

    who the fuck is going to buy kids shoes? DAMN

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