Lions Win Opener!

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fgdFooled you. Our boys actually went down 27-10 at their opening game against Fordham this evening, in a predictable start to what Bwog holds out hope will be a less predictable year. But it was a lovely night, and fun was had by all (who weren’t on the field).

Perhaps more of interest–Coach Norries Wilson had some air time this morning on WFAN, the sports network that primarily deals with the New York Mets, New York Giants, New Jersey Devils, and the New Jersey Nets. It was a coup for humble Columbia, and the hosts didn’t let Norries forget it, treating the school more like a charming anachronism than a sporting entity.

“I never think of Columbia winning games,” one said, dredging up the 44-game losing streak, the 46-year Ivies dry spell, the fact that the team has broken .500 only a few times in the last few decades.

Norries held up well under the ribbing.

“It’s harder than I anticipated it being, but we’ve done a great job putting the kids in a position to understand what they need to do to really have a chance to win,” he said. “And the administration here has stepped up and started to give things to the program that I think we need to be successful.”

Things…like talent?




  1. I think

    at this point, they should just hand over the whole football thing to SEAS.

  2. Seth Davis  

    there goes my dumb fucking prediction.

  3. hey!  

    lydia, be nicer..."this like talent?"
    that's mean
    it's not like he came into a consistently winning program
    he got .500 once, have faith in him through the season the second time around, then judge him
    i managed to pull together all my faculties (while moderately shit-faced) to type a generally typo-free comment so you can at least respect the man's second season can't you? (please, for me?)

    • shit  

      I meant " talent?"

      I guess it wasn't that typo-free and I guess I'm more than moderately shit-faced as hard as I try

    • lydia defender

      LBD wasn't cracking on Norries. Obviously, the coach and the program would have an easier time winning if there was more talent on the field. More than anything, the inability to compete for players holds Columbia Football back. Who wants to play for a program with a stadium five miles away, where the professors occasionally antagonize the team, the administration doesn't really care all that much, and where there's a strong likelihood that your win total in four years might not break double digits? Sixth tier talent, that's who.
      Get some boosters to pay some players. Let's see a row of hummers and strippers outside of Sigma Chi. That'll show administrative commitment to getting talent.

  4. EAL  

    I think Columbia will beat Marist next week, but it's now going to be a stretch to beat Princeton unless we get a running game AND a running defense.

    I was very disappointed in the outcome last night, but I do have faith in NW. If more Columbia students would adopt that mindset, than I think we could improve. The improvement of a football team is not solely how good the players are; it also depends on certain intangibles such as the attendance of fans at the games to help cheer the team on. This helps give them the confidence to win. I'm planning on going to four home games this year plus the away Princeton game, but I'd be hardpressed to name to many other people who are going to do the same.

  5. Sig Chi member  

    Strippers and hummers would be sweet! Get it together, M. Diane!

  6. awww bwog  

    quit blue-balling

  7. random  

    I've been to two Columbia football games in the past 3 years and proud of it.

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