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If you stopped out to pick up some apples at the farmer’s market (which, by the way, have raised from $1.00 last year to $1.25 per pound this fall at the stand closer to the bookstore) you won’t be able to avoid the sounds of fervent Christian music across the street, where a full-on revival is going down. Stop for the spiritual sustenance, or more earthly fuel: they’re handing out free cupcakes and cookies to passersby.


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  1. soeaking of

    cupcakes, I had a Magnolia's cupcake recently and nearly gagged. What is it that people love about these things?

  2. speaking of cupcakes

    are they the body of christ?

  3. no,  

    but they will resurrect in a different form later

  4. it's so damn loud  

    isn't sunday the day of rest? why won't they let me rest?

  5. no,

    sunday is the lord's day. saturday is the day of rest.

  6. no-  

    sunday is the day of rest.

  7. not sarcastic  

    they were singing songs i used to sing in church. i hummed them under my breath and knew all the words. i miss going to church with my dad. it's too bad he practically disowned me after i came out.

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