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kkkBwog loves the CPU, but it seems like The Columns has gotten desperate recently: having barely posted all month, they’re now reprinting the somewhat disgraced Matt Sanchez’ columns from A choice tidbit from the latest post, about how liberals point out the hypocrisy of Larry Craig’s bathroom habits and his rock-bottom record on gay rights:

“Public sex is supposed to be “hot,” and I have some knowledge of this having co-starred in the high-end fantasy film Tiajuana Toilet Tramps. In reality, for gays, a subset that defines itself by bodily function, it is no secret that the way to a homosexual’s heart is somewhere beneath the stomach. These are people who can’t separate who they ‘are’ from what they ‘do.'”

Because straight people don’t obey the place beneath their stomachs. At all.




  1. gay sex

    where, oh where does the penis go?

  2. Sprinkles

    Just ignore Matt's self-hating bigotry and maybe he'll go away...

  3. fmr columns reader  

    it looks like matt's just reposting his own garbage.

    c'mon, columns, you were pretty decent before you turned into an israel/palestine slam dance during finals. start up again, flyer campus, make them write shorter pieces, and fire sanchez for not posting original content.

  4. Joone  

    Tijauna Toilet Tramps doesn't sound high-end to me. Know what a high-end porn film was? Pirates.

    • sheeeeaaattt  

      pirates sucked
      definitely made for girls
      who has condoms on a desert island?
      and who would want to see a pirate having sex? jezzzuzzzz
      still you're right, tijuana toilet tramps does not sound high-end.

  5. bazzano  

    i "eat" hot dogs but I'm not a "hot dog"

  6. james dewille  

    i "do" women, but i am not a woman

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