QuickJester: Orientation Edition?

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The Jester’s new “orientation issue” isn’t entirely new (it also includes some past highlights) nor did it come out during orientation. Still, here goes. All links go to the same PDF.

Yet another attempt to justify the cost of our education. (Page 2)

Morals, eh? (7)

What classes was Jester taking if these are their ideas of professors? (12, 17) 

Jester tries to step to Saul Steinberg (18)

If you want to see what sort of deranged people produce this magazine, Jester is holding a general meeting tonight at 9:30 in the Lerner SGO space.


  1. crap  

    THis is all crap and it isnt funny. why the fuck can't they get off their asses and make shit good?

  2. Come on  

    As someone who's currently struggling through The Republic, I laughed out loud at "Dinner with Socrates" more than once. "You obviously don't like the best color. The best color is purple."

  3. hah  

    Most of these were pretty good.

    I like how Jester doesn't really care enough to try, but they're still funny regardless. I mean, their orientation issue was a month late and I'm pretty sure half of this stuff is reused. Still, I think it's funny for a student magazine.

  4. Socrates

    Also, the Solomon bit on page 25 is gold.

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