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Living in Carman can sometimes resemble wading through a disaster zone. Last night was one of those times. Freshman flood survivor Kurt Kanazawa reports: 

kkLast night, the explosion of a hot water pipe in the bathroom of suite 1103 set off a fire alarm and covered half the floor with about an inch of water.  Only one person in the suite was in town – Nicholas.  Residents immediately helped Nicholas evacuate

his and his suitemate’s room, pulling out bottom drawers, snack kits underneath the bed, light/laptop/cellphone chargers, carpet, refrigerator etc..  The flood also spread and invaded about 2 other suites on the floor, whose damage varied.

While inactive authorities stood on the outside observing, students – some friends of the suitemates, others complete strangers – lifted their pants and got their shoes wet to get things out, stacking them all in the hall near the elevator. Many tourist-students attempted to exit the elevator to observe the damage and were shoved back into the elevator by campus security.



  1. 'yeezy  

    Scott Wright doesn't care about freshpeople!

  2. fucking housing  

    Would love to see housing/facilities/maintenance wallow in sewage. Incompetent morons

  3. But I thought

    Carman was a dry dorm? *rimshot*

  4. speaking of  

    campus security: i just walked into Wien and brought my card for scan up to the desk of a one C. Maxwell. no response, took me a while to realize he was asleep.

    he's a slow asshole but im not saying this because i want him to lose his job, though maybe he should: what is your purpose as a security guard if you fall asleep?

    honestly, id rather pay less tuition that employ this bullshitter.

  5. Do the  

    security guards make anyone feel any safer? Anyone? Really?

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