• Hmm  

      Those comments are pretty fucked up, but my white friend who was arrested for a similar reason was treated pretty similarly. The anecdote about two white kids walking by with 40's seems a little suspect because the cops around here love fucking with Columbia keeps irrespective of race.

  1. Tenure article  

    I'm not really sure how Armin Rosen would suggest we get rid of tenure.

    1) Its a firmly established system.
    2) It does protect academic freedoms (where would we be if some professors / scientists were too afraid to introduce gravity as a concept in an age of religious fervor?)
    3) Didn't we come to college to listen to other opinions? I'm sure that some religious nuts would love it if Evolutionary Science professors were denied tenure and could be easily fired at the first sway of public opinion.

    We just plain need the tenure system. It promotes free thought and allows our professors to do what is one of the university's foremost priorities - Research

  2. That's okay  

    Armin's column doesn't have to make any sense. He's probably just miffed about his sketchy fraternity losing its house and all.

  3. umm  

    why isnt the op-ed by a barnard girl about having coke blown off her nipples not linked?

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