1. EAL  

    Ah, candy corn. One of the great pleasures of the oncoming autumn.


    Totally irrelevant post?

    Perhaps, but totally PERFECT accompanying image.

  3. look for them

    collapsed from their sugar high somewhere in between lerner and john jay

  4. west end  

    it looks like they are filming something in the west end. anyone know what is going on?

  5. Am I

    The only one who watches this show? It stars Glenn Close as the scariest high-stakes lawyer alive, and it's awesome. It's been on FX every Tuesday at 10 for a while now.

    Although Glenn sadly was nowhere to be seen, I passed by this afternoon to find two of the minor characters walking down the street, seemingly deep in contemplation...

  6. mmm

    and did anyone note the sign that goes along with it?

    "Mom always told you to eat your vegetables..."

    while the rest of the nation struggles to get rid of soda in obese elementary school cafeterias

  7. you know..  

    you would think that college cafeterias would offer subsidized healthy food, then you come to columbia and find yourself going off campus to the movie theater for dinner to save a buck and stave off scurvy.

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