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sdfIf you’re just hearing about this now, it’s too late to join. But all should be advised that this is sorority rush week, when the girlish greek quartet cheers their new class through a gauntlet of meet and greets (colorfully described by DG’s website). So if, come Friday, you run into a throng of terrifyingly peppy young women, do not be alarmed. It’s normal. 

This year, though, it’s kind of different: the Panhellenic Council agreed in April that they will no longer allow freshmen to rush in the fall, making it a sophomore-only event (meaning the rejects and the late bloomers?). But it’s apparently still enough to keep the new-ish SDA Greek Czar Victoria Lopez-Herrera and both the Intergreek Council and the Multicultural Greek Council presidents so busy that they couldn’t take an interview with Bwog for the foreseeable future. You’ll have to go flag them down yourself with questions.

Meanwhile, this is Bwog’s favorite quote from the Columbia greek site:

Alcohol & Recruitment

The purpose of recruitment is to spend time getting to know each other. Therefore, all fraternity and sorority recruitment/intake/rush events and education processes at Columbia University are DRY. This means that no alcohol will be used or present during any recruitment function whether it is one-on-one or in a large group…If this happens, you should seriously consider whether or not you want to join a chapter with such low integrity.

Happy rushing!




  1. bwoggled

    How about a post-live-bwog of the B+W's first encounter with quiz bowl?

  2. bwoggled

    How about a post-live-bwog of the B+W's first encounter with quiz bowl?

  3. it's sick  

    actual quote from a sorority recruitment poster: "it's not who you'll become... it's who you've always been."

    meaning, you're either born a sorority girl or you're not. and if you're not, we don't want you! they're manipulating people's need to belong by highlighting their completely subjective exclusivity. it's CLEAR by looking at the rosters of theta or dg that what they're chosing on is not your personality.

    hopefully, most women at columbia are smart enough to spot this and will stay away.

  4. Sorority  

    If you wanted to join a sorority, why didn't you apply to Barnard?

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