1. THANKS  

    Thanks Bwog! between that New Yorker Festival post and this one, you've been very useful today.

    (And thanks, Tao Tan!)

  2. i thought...  

    ...that tao tan was no longer at this school! apparently, he's an institution that never really leaves.

  3. i thought...  

    ...that tao tan was a busy investment banker?

  4. i'm in  

    ken jackson's History of the City of New York and tao tan is one of the TAs.

  5. Tao Tan  

    is not an investment banker, and never was.

  6. Jersey Resident  

    ewww, who would want to go to jersey?

  7. incorrect:  

    Tao Tan has never been short-term or casual.

  8. ...and this  

    is news why?

    Anyone with friends from NJ has known about this for a long time.

    CTV ran it on Sunday as well.

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