MySpace Gains the Freshman 15

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Poorly-edited magazine Seventeen is coming to a MySpace near you! In the form of “15 freshman girls” (omg, misnomer!- Ed) who will be blogging all the “juicy details” from their first year at school!

The girls will be writing about everything from like, classes or whatever, to like, how to break up with your high school boyfriend that you’re so going to dump in like, 2 weeks. The interactive reality website is designed to “make the freshman year less daunting by letting girls in on daily college life and allowing them to interact directly with each of the ‘Freshman 15.’  As a result, Seventeen’s readers and MySpace’s users will be way ahead of the game,” says Atoosa Rubenstein-replacement Ann Shoket.

The group of girls is super diverse, ranging from Liz (UC Berkeley) who “is a liberal, bisexual feminist… and someday [she] wants to be on Broadway!”

And then there’s Dev’n, whose name totally has an apostrophe in it! “I just flirted in high school. So I can’t wait to date college guys!” the Texas Tech University first-year explains. I know, right?!

Jessica is “hyper, confident, and ditzy!” And swears her life “could be a reality TV series!”

Hey girlfriend? It seems dreams, sometimes, they do come true!

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  1. Bitchfight!  

    Between the Bwog girls and these creatures! It should be hot.

  2. The Dink  

    I'm pretty sure that this "Atoosa", who is 35, is actually an alien planted here to cause me to lose all hope in everything here on Earth.

  3. Anonymous  

    Obviously you did not check out her profile, because she is simply an alpha kitty.

  4. then  

    Lets have a "Men of CUSJ" calendar - those undergraduate men of science are hott.

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