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sdfAt 4 pm Sunday, JJ’s place is the launch spot for a student group with a name that cuts to the heart of student charity – the “Feel Good” project, through which grilled cheese sandwiches are sold in order to raise money for world hunger. It is a known fact that eating grilled cheese sandwiches, the best kind of cheese sandwiches (get out of here with that “cabrese”), does make people feel good, and the fact that the profits go to charity has been known to make people feel better about problems of all sorts. World hunger? Partially alleviated! Your hunger? Partially satiated! You might be a few hundred billion dollars, and a soup, side dish, and thick drink short of ending both problems, but it’s a step in the right direction.

In case you’d rather have the sandwich free and refrain from the charity, you can seek out one of the “lost cheese” flyers the group has hidden across campus. The flyers are apparently in color, made to look like swiss cheese, and have the word “FOUND” at the top. Swiss cheese is a questionable choice for a grilled cheese sandwich, but perhaps they  know something we don’t. They have released these clues towards locating the fliers, after the jump:

kjj1)  You might find up to 5 ‘FOUND’ flyers in Butler!  The stacks

especially might be a good place to look for.

2)  A flyer could be hiding in one or two of the dorm laundry rooms

3)  Keep your eye out in Lerner – there will probably up to 3 hiding

in there

4)  One might also be hiding in one of the dorm’s underused sky


– DHI 

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  1. alexw  

    Swiss cheese is unquestionably the most delicious choice for grilled cheeses. This cannot be denied.

    Unfortunately it does not melt right.

  2. DHI  

    Weinberg, you're a fool, Swiss isn't a good lead cheese no matter how it melts.

  3. DHI  

    I'll tell you something truly undeniable: cheddar is better. It fucking rhymes, too. And it's not an off-rhyme or any shit like that, because "better" is pronounced like a "d" sound and "bettor" is the one with the "t" sound.

  4. jarlsberg!  

    Jarlsberg, bitches, Jarlsberg
    ever had a grilled cheese sandwich? well you haven't had a real one till you've had one with Jarlsberg. also delicious are Gouda and certain varieties of Havarti. happy cheesing!

  5. alexw  

    Discoe you uneducated oaf. Come to my house and try to spin your foul cheddoric and I'll show you what's for.

  6. DHI  

    Just for a clarification, FULL HOLES = NO HOLES as you would know if you'd read Achille Varzi's book. At least, I'm pretty sure that point would be brought up in a book about holes.

  7. alexw  

    David Iscoe, you cretin! If your brain were any less SHARP, I'd think it were MILD.

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