1. Dave Eisenbach  

    is a twat.

  2. Lerner 6  

    is a joke.

    What's truly embarrassing is that the overwhelming number of competing needs that have not been met by current space is used as a reason not to commit the space to any one of them.

    Footdragging to the WORST.

    5 bucks says it eventually gets turned into space for an as-of-yet unformed bureaucratic department.

    Another method of footdragging on Lerner 6 is the promise of freeing up other space. For example, CPS has reportedly been moving out of Lerner since 2005. Where it's going isn't clear since the neighborhood shot down the plan for a one-stop infirmary in McVickar.

  3. auugh  

    is gmail down for anyone else??

  4. Typical

    Nice one, Garcia. More proof that activistos are afraid of civil debate. Or, maybe she's just worried her own people will accidentally crush her in their next stampede of "tolerance."

  5. typical  

    noone seems to understand that the minutemen dont engage in "civil debate"

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