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This is a big weekend for students selling food. The day before “Feel Good” debuts their grilled charity cheese, three freshmen are going public with their own culinary venture, in an event they call “C is for Crunk, B is for Breakfast.” (Unfortunately for observant Jews, “YK is for Yom Kippur, F is for Fasting,” but there’ll be other days.)

Much as “Feel Good” saves a suffering  part of the world populace, “Breakfast At Ovo’s” saves a dying part of American culture: the homemade breakfast. Breakfast is even under attack from our corporations:  Dannon tries to hustle adults into trading their breakfast for a Frusion Smoothie, and Yoplait recruits on-the-go kids to squirt themselves a tube of Go-Gurt rather than sit down at a table with their families.

Asovoene “Ovo” Rerri, Tom Amegadzie and Trevis Joyner are having none of it, and anybody with four dollars in hand can have all of the home-cooked breakfast they want, if they stop by Hartley 2C on Saturday between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. Pancakes of all varieties, french toast, hominy grits, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit are on the menu, and students can wash it down with O.J. or iced tea.

Ovo says the chefs aim to break even rather than turn a profit. Why go to all the work? “It started as just a way to meet people,” he said, “now it’s a sort of non-profit business.” If their enthusiasm doesn’t fade as the suite turns into a madhouse, the chefs plan to continue serving breakfast on a biweekly basis, and to slowly expand the menu in the future. Profit or not, their business seems to be doing all right in terms of volume – 30 diners showed up last week, and the “Breakfast at Ovo’s” facebook group, which opened this week, already has over 100 members.

 The obligatory response to enthusiastic freshmen is that Columbia will crush their dreams or worse. Maybe so. Perhaps the CPA will rush to shut down this “crunk party
” advertised on facebook, or it could be the case that Columbia Catering is the exclusive catering service in Hartley as well as Lerner, or the group might apply for official recognition and get stuck in the molasses swamp of event approval. But why speculate – when babies are born, do we bet on how long they’ll live? This ain’t medieval England. This is America, an international beacon of pancakes. – DHI

   From left to right: Trevis Joyner, Ovo Rerri,

 Tom Amegadzie.




  1. hurrah  

    adorable, the freshmen have souls

  2. Anonymous  

    Hartley 2C 4eva!

  3. yeah...  

    do they have mimosas?

    • alas!  

      it's a dry dorm...i was thinking on a similar line though (more specifically any hard liquor in general since that's my first thought to ease saturday morning hangovers)
      however what is the difference between hominy grits and grits? are there other kinds of grits? do you really need to specify? and i like the sound of this...tea and grits. it's like im in the south again. awesome. hopefully they're doing justice to tea and it's actually sweet tea (which itself is unnecessary use of an adjective as all tea is iced sweet tea in the south...duh) just one question. where's the meat? what's breakfast with grits and tea if you dont have any bacon? and no potatoes either? if you want business to boom...add hasbrowns and bacon...the greasier the better to deal with that previously mentioned hangover

  4. senior  

    damn, I need some of this.

  5. alum

    damn, such awesome folks had to appear *after* I graduated?

  6. ...  

    God, I love Arrested Development.

  7. what?  

    i don't understand this article at all... context please?

  8. Anonymous  

    Hartley 2C rocks my world! Good to know that the suite is as great as ever, and that some people aren't deterred from cooking by the (annoying) lack of a dishwasher.

  9. ugh  

    I have NEVER had tea with grits. Now coffee with chickory and grits, that's where it's at! I also agree that they should throw in some home fries, runny eggs, and bacon. Then it will feel like home.

  10. ehh  

    i love arrested development

  11. Libby  


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