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jjWhile walking over to the WBAR show this evening, Bwog ran into Columbia’s Greek girls celebrating the rites of fall: jumping up and down and screaming at the top of their lungs in a semiannual phenomenon known as “Bid Night.” That’s when all the pledges, having been divvied up by the sororities the night before–details of the process are kept tightly under wraps–commence the first day of their new, sister-filled lives. 

The scene is baffling for the uninformed; Bwog tried to explain it to curious, wide-eyed passersby. About 50 girls gather around the sundial, in slightly varying attire for the four sororities. Delta Gamma girls wore sailor hats and shirts that read: “It’s lonely at the top,  but at least I have my sisters,” which set them apart for most original slogan next to SDT (“The sweetest just got sweeter”) and Theta (“The best just got better”). They shouted cheers and hugged each other like a war had just ended.

Bwog would have gotten better pictures, but was informed by members of the Panhellenic Council that the sundial had been reserved for bid night, and that we would have to leave. Not one to pick a fight with such spirit, Bwog relinquished the photographic angle and joined the boys sitting on the grass chain fence to observe the spectacle.

lkIn other unfortunate events, Ferris Reel’s first screening tonight left the hundreds of people in attendance feeling a little jilted–the sound cut out near the end of The Kingdom, a not-yet-released movie starring Jennifer Garner and [edit] Jamie Foxx. The climactic scene felt like one of those 1920s soundless films, leaving us to wonder WHAT THEY WERE SAYING when the 18 bazillionth person died a violent death. Well, at least it was free.



  1. Who's starring?  

    The Kingdom is starring Denzel Washington??? Did Denzel get younger and change his name to Jamie Foxx or did Bwog just fail to tell two black actors apart?

    Haha, you broken hipsters will never live this down!

  2. jake  

    soundless or silent? who's drunk?

  3. ugh  

    sororities are idiotic. they were so ridiculously freaking loud right in front of mcbain on wednesday night after 1 in the morning when some of us had tests the next day.

    • theyre  

      probably not that idiotic since even though they were out at 1 am enjoying themselves with friends, many of them also had tests and other obligations the next day that they fulfilled and did well on.

  4. heheheh  

    sororities. More like sorori-titties!

  5. birdie  

    Some GS student who was studying in Butler wrote a complaint to the Athletics department, of all places, saying that there were 100 cheerleaders outside stopping her from studying for the LSATs.

    I would've written to the Coast Guard instead, asking where this ship full of whores was docked.

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