QuickEye: Not Yet a Paperless World

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‘s site is down, per usual, must be all that high traffic.

Grrl Power! (Mean Zine Fighting Machine p. 12)

Did The Eye forget to print a page? (After the Lights Go Out p. 7)

The Nanny Diaries was already published and made into a movie. (Babysitters’ Club p. 5)

Indie music blogs?! What an idea! (Blogs’ Top Dogs p. 13)

Maybe men are just funnier? (The Incredible Shrinking Violets p. 14) 





  1. Anonymous  

    To get through that first page of the security report in the Eye, only to have the second page non-readable thanks to shoddy printing was frustrating as hell, but hey, I figured I would read it online...

  2. uh...

    .. where are the links?

  3. stop it  

    The bwog and the fat blonde girl that runs it are exactly why the Muslim terrorists hate America. Great job, people. Keep it up.

  4. spec site isn't down  

    it's just really slow

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