1. were not  

    allowed to bring those to MA on monday, but if i could, here's what i'd put in it:

  2. tim gunn

    nice, bwog. you pulled a sunday ny times style section.

    but fear this, labyrinth apparel-owners: you're likely to be mistaken for yalies now. it hurts.

    • damn  

      I just bought 3 of these and you have to shit on the parade. The illustration is still nice. No way in hell I'll buy a "book culture" bag with a silly bird on it. WTF? I will not be associated with that embarrassing dearth of creativity.

  3. DPD  

    I didn't really care about my green L. bag at the time - I only bought it because it was $5 and I didn't want to carry my messenger bag every day - but now I cherish this artifact. And if people think I go to Yale? All the better.

  4. random  

    women and those HUGE bags.

  5. confusion  

    guess which one is not a women...

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