1. Anonymous  

    "Professor Abu El-Haj appears to be an estimable candidate for tenure: a woman who likes to study her field in an interdisciplinary way and identifies herself as a member of a minority persecuted by various peoples in the world, by no means only by Israelis. But she is also, I think, an American citizen and certainly from a prosperous family, which gives her many advantages over her more unfortunate fellow Palestinians. Her identity and her far less polemical dissertation have benefited her in academic life. It is no wonder she has received so many prizes and honors and it is no wonder that so many Barnard faculty are for her candidacy without ever having read a word of her work or understood her lack of preparation for judging issues in biblical studies. It makes sense. We should be looking for people like her."

    So I'm guessing this paragraph, which is really irrelevant to the question of El-Haj's scholarship, indicates that Segal has a chip on his shoulder in regards to what he perceives as affirmative action? Did he even express a coherent thought in that paragraph? Come on.

  2. Anonymous  

    Also, during Segal's lecture, he said that El-Haj had written a good dissertation, and if he had been on her dissertation committee, he would have supported granting El-Haj her PhD. His main criticism is of the book, but his support for the dissertation is only touched upon in this paragraph ("far less polemical dissertation"). So even though he supported the academic rigor of her dissertation, Segal suggests that her "many prizes and awards" can be attributed to her ethnic/gender minority status in the field. Terrific.

  3. Scott  

    Can't forget the great submission by Liz Strauss:

    Thankfully, instead of rushing to join the herd of "student leaders" criticizing the administration, Strauss did something unique: she formed her own thoughts. Great job, Liz.

    • blegh  

      and/or, she displayed why engineers need direct elections. as a SEAS student, i've seen the ESC consistently take the worst positions of any student council on things like this, and been unable to do anything about it. yay democracy?

      i mean, the message of her article is basically that the students can't be trusted to be involved in ahmadinejad's invitation or even know about it until it's too late to make much trouble, and we should just place our faith in the Columbia administration, which knows best. really exactly the point of view a student council leader ought NOT to have; what's she even in office for? oh, yeah, i forgot: Glass House Rocks and TVs in the front of Mudd. we pay for student government not so that we can have a voice in the university, but so that we can be provided with lame entertainment.

      • a few things  

        1) Bwog, be fair. If you're going to link Segal's column, link one of the supporting op-ed submissions. Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin's piece is good:

        2) Bravo to Liz Strauss. She failed to hit on the crucial lottery vs. 1st come 1st serve problem, which is big, but she makes some important points. Namely that too often student leaders are too busy acting like politicians and desperate to be relevant and take a stance.

        3) Student government isn't supposed be your voice in the University. That's your University senator. Student Gov is meant to make your life better and cushier.

  4. YES!!!  

    I hope Ahmenadijad's presence convinces the rest of America to convert to Islam so that these proud independent Barnard women will be force to wear Hajibs and be refused all the rights that make them empowered. That would be the day, when they are forced to walk 10 feet behind me. And then homosexuals will also be stoned to death in the streets, hahahaha. I can't wait, I hope they let me throw stones at these animals too. Disgusting liberal american youth don't realize that by loving Islam and hating Christianity they are killing the very things they cherish so much. I LOVE IT!!!! Conservative Islamic beliefs will soon reign!!!!! THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING PEOPLE!!!

  5. Yay!  

    I love Toothpaste for Dinner!

  6. racist  

    Sadia: Why, are you racist against Muslims, bigot?

  7. Yawn  

    I'm just sick of American Jewish kids (and they always seem to be kids) always being so upset and sensitive about anything that criticizes Israeli policy, especially if it comes from someone who holds a wiff of Europe or the Middle East on their genes.

    It's truly bizarre how much more sensitive they are in the US as compared to Israel. Maybe it's because I know so many ethnically/culturally/non-religious Jewish people who just don't give a flying fuck about Israel and are willing to let the right wingers have their way? Meanwhile in Israel the people who oppose the often hysterical and schizophrenic tactics of the Israeli secular state are far more visible and often Jewish themselves, thereby automatically deflecting the potential anti-Semitic first-reaction of pro-Israel individuals.

    Oh nevermind. It's not like anyone serious about Israel will change their mind because of a comment on bwog. Instead, here's some advice that will end this whole middle eastern thing. The Israeli Right should take a page out of the Bush notebook are start labeling anyone critical of secular state policy an anti-Semite. But make sure you do it with it question mark i.e. "Haifa student-protesters to stop Israeli human-rights abuses secretly Nazis?"

    As for you Palestinians, I haven't forgot you. Here's my advice about your situation: Good luck blowing yourself up. I'm sure that your violent approach against people who sincerely believe you're sub-human, share a homeland with you, and outgun you in every meaningful way will work out. It's always worked about before! Don't even think about non-violent protest in a Gandhian/Dr. King vein, because it just won't work. I mean, it's not like it ever worked before right? Even if it could, it's just easier to blow yourself up.

    God, I really wish Israel had nuked the Temple Mount all those years ago. Can't we all agree that the one religion we all follow is the church of moron? Is it really that fun to hate people?

    Whoops, sorry, I forgot I don't care.

  8. Hah  

    It's comforting to know that even in such desperate times we're always willing to make a good Barnard joke.

    Despite it all, I love Columbia.

  9. Ditto Yawn

    Wow, I've never seen my exact views more closely mimicked than in your post.

    Ditto and bravo; any religion that allows things like this to happen is mostly certainly moronic and Oh! Woops! That's ALL of them!!

  10. hah  

    I liked Josh Lispky complaining that only the "most well-connected" students got in. Nope, only the losers with nothing better to do than refresh Bwog got in.

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