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After going down in flames with its first two attempts at opinion blogging, and with a tentative re-entry into the world of instantaneous news coverage with the Orientation blog, Spectator is taking a third swing. A little corner notice in the paper this week read: 

“The Opinion Section has launched a blog twice and was unsuccessful both times. Both versions lacked a cohesive voice and were half-hearted attempts at bringing the page online out of necessity to follow the journalistic trend towards the Internet. In its new form, the Opinion blog will feature a limited number of personal voices concerned with specific issues and ideas as well as daily photos and art. The hope is to utilize the Web asa medium for opinion rather than to merely extend the page to a new location. The blog will officially launch on Sunday, Sept. 23.”

We’re all for introspection. Looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, we’ve also heard that Spec will soon be launching a blog for Ahmadinejad coverage called…the AhmadineBlog. They’ll be sitting around in their PJs growing out their beards soon enough…

UPDATE, via a commenter: It’s here!



  1. Ahmadinejad

  2. my favorite quote  

    "The Department of Public Safety is working closely with both the New York Police Department and the Secret Service - as we do for all major events on campus - to..."
    Not to be a dick about it, but it's pretty damn obvious to me that CU's security team does not work hand in hand with the Secret Service for all major events on campus.

  3. down Low  

    The real reason why Ahmadinejad's speaking:

    Bollinger could care less about the president. The main thing is, our guy in Iran has been set free. Isn't that worth a little inconvenience to everyone?

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