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jjBwog’s never waded through the bowels of CUIT web pages to check its printer quota, but apparently it should have. According to one of those cute tipsters that makes fake addresses to send us under-the-radar information, no matter where you print from on campus, the system won’t register your activity–you could run off the collected works of Leo Tolstoy, and it’d go till the ink ran out, or until the rest of the people in line forced you at gunpoint to cancel the job. Rumor has it that CUIT is testing something new, and has left some loopholes. See for yourself.

Thanks, anonymous tipster dude! 


  1. Well  

    I am so printing Tolstoy... in COLOR. Mwahahahaha!

  2. ok then  

    start looking up curse words in Farsi and pasting it all over campus

  3. bwog  

    this is really tight, but i gotta wonder if the loophole's not gonna be fixed a hell of a lot faster thanks to this post. oh well, hopefully my pessimism's wrong and thanks for the heads up

  4. sweet chicken

    proof that there is a god!!

  5. my favorite  

    right wing quote:
    "The American Left continues to dig themselves into a hole trying to act like the coolest kid at the depraved party by falling all over themselves to fit in."
    What? Where are these parties held? Was there a contest to see who could mix the most metaphors in a sentence? We're falling all over ourselves? While digging a hole? At a party?

  6. this party

    would be a lot sweeter if that link didnt just bring me to my CUIT print quota.

    couldnt you have just told me how to print a million pages?

  7. obviously

    they're surely still logging who prints how much (you still have to put your uni in on ninja stations, right?) and some people are going to get slammed in a few weeks...

  8. Alum

    What is more interesting is that I apparently still HAVE a print quota of 100 pages a week. Interesting, and extremely useful to know.

  9. and I  

    apparently have a print quote of 200 pages per week. amazing.
    although, I wonder if this is a recent glitch. I remember checking last year, and I was under the impression that the website was counting...though I didn't actually try to print more than 100 pages.

    • undergrad

      Nope, your weekly quota is still 100, but a few semesters ago they added an extra one-time only 100 reserve copies. The difference is that one of the 100s replenishes each week and the other is gone when it's gone.

  10. it's true  

    it's not logging anything. you can look up your history - i happened to know i printed 100 pages for the jester inserts within the past week and it's not even on there. too bad they can't make this mistake with bandwidth.

  11. haha  

    At the moment, my quota says 30,000.

    But honestly, if you don't already know a workaround to the print quota (apparently CUIT still hasn't fixed it, so it'd be best not to post that, Bwog) then I pity you. That is, paying for extra print quota = stupid!

  12. annoyed  

    It'd be nice if there was paper left in the EC printers. It seems like all those protester putting up flyers for Ahmadinejad are a little trigger-happy.

  13. CCIT insider  

    No... lionlink is CCIT, who is experiencing management problems of late.

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