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We’re not sure what’s more strange about the AAA poster: that they promote their event with a picture of Calvin Sun et al., or that they’re touting Tokyo Pop as “Columbia’s premier nightclub/lounge.” 

Also, Phi Iota Alpha felt the need to promote their rager with a glistening, curvaceous babe.

No party in the Lerner Party space is going to be that hot, guys. 


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  1. its policy  

    Lerner Party Space: Where fun goes to die!

  2. alexw  

    I just need to say that fraternities and sororities have the most insane websites I have ever seen.

  3. the aaa party  

    ...was absolutely insane. props to asian american alliance for first great party of the semester.
    it was our one battle won in the war on fun.

  4. asha  

    was a fucking amazing party. was skeptical at first, but in the end, good times were had by all...

  5. third party  

    What, the party put on by oppressed Asian Americans gets more press than the party put on by oppressed queers (who rape)?

    AmCaf was awesome last night.

  6. Member  

    I am a member of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Inc. Mu chapter at
    Columbia University. Now freedom of speech is wonderful and I guess
    since the writers over there don't have much to write about, hating
    on our events is logical. However, it was unnecessary while we were
    promoting our party for your editors to bash us for throwing a
    Lerner party that has nothing to do with you. Honestly if campus
    wasn't so prude and bias, and maybe learned how to dance, then
    parties at Lerner would not be an issue. In addition I feel it is
    unfair to put down our efforts when we are a service orientated
    organization, not a "lets get drunk everyday" frat, that actually
    does things on campus. Maybe you should ask dinning services
    workers, and under privileged children around the community what we
    do. Write about something that matters and that actually shows some
    journalistic skill. To be honest it is people like you that cause
    some Lerner parties a bad turnout with all your inaccurate
    information. The funny thing about it is I have a hunch that the
    editors writing these articles don't even attend any parties, or
    maybe it is just that they are not your type of get drunk dance
    like chickens gathering. Some people have taste. Please don't put
    our name out there like that again, its offensive and uncalled for.
    We are trying to make a difference and with this type of slander it
    doesn't help the cause.

  7. Hmmm  

    hmm, trying to make a exploiting underclad women....riiiight- great job on making an difference, boys. go get drunk, maybe you'll make more sense to yourselves

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