1. Armenia...  

    Armenia is not in the Middle East...

  2. John P. Smith  

    That's true, it isn't. I think the author meant that the Armenians are selling Middle Eastern food. Jerusalem does have an Armenian Quarter, and there are Amermenians who live in the Middle East. But as far as I know, yes, Armenia isn't in the Middle East.

  3. balla  

    the middle east isn't really an absolute term and like all other aspects of the region, armenia's inclusion is debatable to some extent. historically it has at times been included in the region though we typically dont in recent times.

  4. guess who  

    free Nagorno-Karbakh!!!

  5. Beware  

    The food isn't cheap. $7 for a small kabab and a bunch of rice.

    • hey!

      my hummus and tabouleh, a heaping plateful, was 3 dolla. pretty good, i think.

      although armenia isn't really a middle eastern country, it's tough to pinpoint a locale for the food. they are selling food, though, that pretty much all of lebanon, turkey, etc. eats.

  6. lots of armenians  

    in lebanon too

  7. hummus eh  

    there is bomb armenian eats called birek or borek it was not there. sort of spanikopita thang. weak.

  8. Paul

    Armenia is not in the middle east but most Armenians used to live in the Middle East (Turkey) before they were all mass deported in a brutal genocide in 1915. So while what's left of Armenia is no longer in the middle east, Armenians have a strong middle eastern component to them since so many came from and still live there throughout all the countries of the ME.

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