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With all the hoopla surrounding youknowwho coming to town, we figured you could all use a little break. Missed the WBAR shows this weekend? No worries. Here’s a recap (photos by Max Friedman).

WBAR had the first of its monthly concerts Thurday night on Lehman Lawn. The weather was beautiful and so was the music. As much shit as WBAR gets for wearing tight jeans or being hip, they really know how to foster a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Thursday’s High Places and Celebration show was no exception.

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High Places

Brooklyn-based duo High Places played what amounted to some pretty spacey, Oriental-sounding psych-folk. Stationed beneath a tree, the group was oddly organic while submerged a see of noise loops, drum machines, and reverb.


Baltimore’s Celebration, a bit more conventional than High Places, had some pretty solid grooves throughout its set. The singer, Katrina Ford, worked the crowd fantastically, even backing herself all up into me about halfway through her set. Sean Antanaitis, unequivocally the bands musical nucleus, was truly a spectacle. Antanaitis managed to play the Moog Pedal Bass with his feet while providing some atmospherics on the organ. 







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    I've never seen a girl so sad to be eating a Toblerone.

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    Dammit, let us unite behind that amazing comment despite our differences.

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    This show was SICK!

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