BREAKING: World Continued to Turn During Ahmadinejad Speech

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And here’s what happened:

World’s greatest mime, Marcel Marceau, died this weekend in Paris. He was 84. And delightfully silly. *wipes face as if to brush away tear*

Harvard got themselves a SEAS. Oh no they di’int.

Barack Obama invited you to join him in Washington Square Park:

Bjork at the Garden tonight. Tickets still available, Volta still awesome.



  1. Factual error:

    Marceau died on Saturday.

  2. Obamadinejad  

    Change our politics how exactly? Fix Iraq, eh? How? Our health care system needs to be fixed, you're right, but how do you propose to do it? And you're right, Americans are losing their jobs - how do you propose to make the US worker competitive again?
    Oh that's right you don't actually have any specific ideas about anything. So essentially, your rhetoric is like Ahmedinejad's, and you dance around the specifics.

    And a big fuck you for repeatedly refusing to speak at your Alma Mater and instead choosing a venue more accessible to our lesser little brother.

  3. yomajesty  

    the only thing barack knows how to do well is smile for the camera.

  4. ..... sound sad that he wont speak here. go cry a fucking river!

  5. Barack  

    Should be president.

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