Manhattanville lurches forward

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Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer announced his recommendations today for what should happen to that patch of land up north: basically Columbia’s plan, but with a little bit of Community Board 9‘s plan mashed in, plus a goody bag of benefits that so
kjhund nice in a bullet pointed list. Bwog’s favorites:

  • $20 million for affordable housing!
  • All buildings built to LEED Silver standards!
  • A teeny park!
  • Help for local businesses over chains!

There’s time for the community to squeeze more concessions out of Columbia in the next few months as an appointed board negotiates with the University over a Community Benefits Agreement, and while the city planning commission reviews the plans under the Uniform Land Use Review Process. 

Meanwhile, SCEG seems to have been caught slightly off guard by the announcement. Having planned to symbolically deliver a set of demands for the university’s expansion to Low Library this afternoon, they backed out after learning the party had relocated downtown for the press conference, and realizing that World Leaders Forum security might make marching into the building with signs and noisemakers a little difficult.





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