Vigil of Burma

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Hard as it is to believe, not everybody on earth was captivated by Ahmadinejadmania–Buddhist monks in Burma, for instance, spent this past week protesting their country’s oppressive military junta. Sympathizers should head to Butler Plaza, where a group of 50 or so students are now holding vigil in support of the “Saffron Revolution.” And if you can’t make it tonight, the student-led Burma 88 Coalition says it plans on holding a couple more vigils this week. Hooray for people power! Or rather, hooray for apathy?

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  1. not myanmar  

    that's the name the military regime imposed on the country. it is unrecognized by many governments, including ours.

  2. Unless  

    you're standing on long-held beliefs. You called it Burma when you were two, you'll call it Burma for life!

  3. hello  

    nytimes still calls it myanmar...why?
    i actually have no idea, looking for answers

  4. Eric Van

    Mission of Burma is the greatest band in the history of rock and roll.

  5. Fuck the name  

    Come on. Get involved. If people are really as offended by Ahmadinejad's dictatorial tendencies, you have no excuse - Burma is worse.

  6. The Dink  

    There will be a vigil every night this week at 8:45 in front of Butler. Wear red today (Thursday) in solidarity. Sign petitions on Low Plaza and call your representative.

  7. Burmese  



    Support the Saffron Revolution!

  8. DHI  

    Yo this is a solid movement but vigils are the worst form of protest we should march like the monks.

  9. What's in a name?

    The BBC answers the question on Burma v. Myanmar.

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