1. Zorack  

    Fuckin' Brack. Everyone loves him. No one loves Zorack!

  2. idiot  

    crap i thought this was saturday. crap.

  3. man  

    he will never come uptown.

  4. EAL  

    Barack Obama doesn't care about Columbia. He had no friends and lousy housing when he was here, and he pretty much used the experience as a springboard to Harvard Law. I'll bet he gives more money to Harvard than Columbia, if he gives at all (so much for alumni loyalty).

    And if he doesn't care about this University, than I do hereby reciprocate the sentiment.

  5. The Reason

    The reason that Barack Obama doesn't like Columbia is that he was accused of assault while attending. The case never went to trial, remaining in the student disciplinary system, but suffice to say it left him with a bad taste in his mouth. A woman in the community, black as if that should be relevant, made the accusation. I never saw the specifics of the case, so I don't know if it was trumped up or swept under the table or simply dropped.

  6. also

    wasn't columbia still all-male at that point? or was it a barnard/grad student?

  7. this shit  

    was bananas. great great event. he's such an amazing speaker.

    • EAL  

      Yeah, but just because he's an "amazing speaker" doesn't mean he'd make a good president.

      I think it's safe to say that if he had never spoken at the 2004 Democratic Convention he never would have been a candidate. Basing your judgment of a candidate on how well he puts sentences together is kind of short-sighted.

      • yes well  

        it's not just his syntax that makes him appealing. it's what he's actually saying; he has innovative politics and is very constituent oriented. people who say they'll vote for him just because he's a good speaker or because he's black or because he's not hillary are idiots and shouldn't be allowed to register.

        but all the same, if george bush's speaking ability is any indicator of his presidential merit, i feel like obama's a step in the right direction, being able to articulate his thoughts at more than a sixth-grade level.

  8. Issues  

    Do any of Barack's legions of fans actually know what his policies are & what his political philosophy is? Because all I hear out of him is "we need to unite" and "we need to fix America", which is essentially what every African and South American dictator says while running for office.

  9. who cares  

    Who cares if he has loyalty to his alma mater or not. The university is a place to get an education. He got an education here and moved on. I didn't sign a loyalty oath when I came here.
    Who cares if he gives money. I'm not giving additional money... already paid tuition.

    • well

      he's fiercely loyal to harvard law, and considers it more than just a "place to get education". the matter is inconsistency.

      • who cares  

        "he's fiercely loyal to harvard law, and considers it more than just a "place to get education""


        "the matter is inconsistency."

        It is inconsistent to have a stronger affiliation with 1 school you attended over another? The matter is his personal choice. take deep breaths and relax.

  10. i heard  

    barack has a weak handshake

  11. fxm

    maybe it's because Harvard Law was a good experience for him and Columbia wasn't...

  12. Barack

    would still be neck-in-neck with Hillary if his lips weren't so weirdly purple. But I'm not a professional political consultant, so don't take my opinions with too much weight.

  13. John

    Why don't Hildog and Obama just run as Prez and VP? This would settle the entire controversy.

    Anyway, who's Republican here? =) (just kidding!)

    • The

      argument against that idea is that a Hildog/Obama ticket would constitute too much historical change for the general electorate. Plus, Obama is particularly sensitive to the radiation trickling out of the snuke in Hildog's snizz. So, it basically comes down to - not dying of tumors, for B.O.

  14. Anyway  

    I wouldn't want Barack Obama speaking for my university.

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