1. hmm  

    check your spelling bwog.

    and have you found out who wrote it yet?

  2. where  

    can we find out what happened?

  3. ridic  

    this is going to turn into an "emergency meeting" about Jena. that's my bet.

    • asdf  

      what's the connection between this and jena?

      • i'd agree  

        to me? none. but to the black student association, according to the spec, it's the same:

        Members of the Black Student Organization also said they were offended by the graffiti.
        “As a black student, and just as a human being, I’m really shocked and disgusted by it,” Tiffany Dockery, CC ’09, and president of BSO, said.

        “This is a noose on a tree,” Dockery added, comparing the incident to the intimidation tactics used against black students in the Jena Six controversy when nooses were hung from what was considered to be a tree traditionally for whites after black students sat under it. “It’s letting me know that this place is not as safe as I want it to be. It’s not as safe as I thought it was.”

  4. whoever

    wrote the graffiti needs to take some geography and history lessons. there are no Communist governments in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, or much of africa. For that matter, there aren't many Arabs in Iran, Indonesia, or much of africa either.

  5. Anonymous  

    a good discussion and plan of action tonight can turn a week of mixed feelings for the campus into a positive outlook for the rest of the semester.

    the anger some people some felt towards ahmadinejad, Jena 6, or even these racist statements can be coalesced into a stronger movement against hate and misunderstanding. considering all the groups involved in the movements listed above, i say we'd have a pretty diverse and meaningful coalition going forward.

  6. Can't

    we just publicly tell the people who wrote this to go fuck themselves and move on?

  7. This  

    is an isolated instance of one individual who either A) revealed his true, hateful feelings or B) acted like a complete idiot to cause a stir. I don't know which is the answer, but I do know one thing: this campus is not a dangerous place. Want a racially disgusting University? Try the University of Mississippi:

    Sure, people may argue that this type of instance--someone writing a racially terrible comment on a wall--occurs yearly, and it does, but the occurence of a few bad acts does not discredit the real story: that Columbia is a racially tolerable, safe place.

    Like the previous post said, let's all agree that this person is horrendous, try in all way to find out and punish the person responsible, and move on. Creating new departments or new "safe spaces" will be a waste of time. The place is already safe.

    • exactly  

      the only racist things about this school are its commitment to affirmative action and mealac.

    • Manomanischewitz

      One idiots writes something idiotic on a wall and a bunch of other idiots idiotically panic over it.

    • Anonymous

      Gays, Blacks and Muslims have hate graffiti targeting them and that's somehow less offensive than anything Ahmedinejad says or the Ruggles incident?

      The hate crimes (which is what this is- a misdemeanor vandalism with an intent elevating it to a felony hate crime) are something the University can only take limited pro-active steps against. The responses are something the University controls completely, and they are never consistent in their support, or lack thereof, for students.

      • hate crimes  

        are bullshit. show me a situation where black on white violence was labled a 'hate crime'. you won't be able to.

        • Anonymous

          Identity is not the determining factor in a whether a crime is a 'hate crime'--demonstrable intent is. Show me a case where there is demonstrable intent that someone was a victim of a crime because they were white that wasn't prosecuted as a hate crime. you won't be able to.

          • demonstrable  

            intent is inherent in a violent crime, ANY violent crime. no "hate" definition is necessary. hate is not supposed to be illegal in this country. violent acts are.

            the burden of proof is on you.

  8. Sakib's back!  

    Yay! Not.

    Anywho, I have to ask: when these people are choosing schools, knowing what their political views are, why the fuck do they decide to come to this Left-Wing Jihadist Havana North school anyway? And how does Admissions let them in?

  9. CCSC Email  

    "We would like all students and student groups to know that the Columbia College Student Council will stand with you as a resource and a support system as we strive to respond to this incident in an intelligent manor."

  10. CCSC idiocy  

    "This message is offensive to us
    all because an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us." Fuck that shit.

    What happened to good old gay bashing?

  11. Sprinkles

    Hey, remember how the two guys who did the grafitti in Ruggles were punished?

    Neither do I.

  12. soooo....

    If I wrote "Bollinger is a cock" on a bathroom stall in Hamilton, would I have the gay groups up in arms or 4-H?

    • you'd have

      prezbo and public safety to deal with only. you didnt target prezbo for being gay or for being a farmer, nor did you target gays or farmers at all.

      its so easy to belittle hatred when its targeted at colored savages, isnt it?

  13. "Colored Savages"

    Those are your words. Remember that.

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