So much fashion! So many apples!

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Lucky Barnard girls have it all- apple-picking and shopping! Life is so unfair sometimes. On Friday October 5th, for only $5, Barnard girls will be shipped off to upstate New York to pick apples for an hour and a half, then go shopping at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

Funny, the bus leaves at 9 am and returns at 6 pm. So that allots how many hours for shopping?

Run to the Barnard College Activities Office to sign up now! Hurry! Space is limited!

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  1. Bwog,  

    Why are you so bitchy today?

  2. whatev  

    Bwog is sort of incapable of writing about Barnard unless it using at least a somewhat condescending tone.

  3. Wow  

    I actually am jealous. Why can't we go pick apples, damnit?

  4. rebecca  

    I think you probably could just go try to sign up.

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