The Amazing Vanishing GOP

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sdfsA few details from the Ahmadinejad event have just come to light: although the College Republicans are very good about getting themselves on TV, talking with their fellow students has proven more difficult. According to Columbia Coalition organizers, they didn’t show up for their scheduled speaking slot. And after the event, they were nowhere to be found at their own scheduled debrief Monday evening.

Where can you find a Republican these days? 



  1. question  

    did kulawik dye his hair???

  2. To Bwog's question:  

    In a child's pants.

  3. in answer to  

    your question, yes, I did dye my hair. isn't fucking sexy? you want to fuck me?

  4. To Bwog's question  

    In bathroom stalls, scribbling graffiti.

  5. CU GOP in Disarray  

    In the aftermath of the Ahmadinejad fiasco, CU GOP VP Lauren Steinberg has resigned. Things aren't looking so good for the Repubs.

  6. I'm just saying...  

    ughhh, the republicans are such skanks for attention (media whores)

    btw, Kulawik's acne is revolting...

  7. acne  

    goes away. assholes are forever.


  8. asdf  

    Don't get personal. I don't like his politics or the way he runs his group but don't be assholes.. lay off personal attacks on Kulawik.

    • Oh no?

      look at that fucking prick Chris. Back on Fox news talking about something he doesn't know jack shit about. Wow. If this isn't enough to merit a personal tirade against Chris, I don't know what is.

      • wow

        wtf is he doing on there for that? this isn't a columbia specific issue...he's become a go-to guy for them now?

        • and

          his arguments against co-ed rooming are "it defies tradition" and "it goes against the status quo"? these are statements of fact, not persuasive points...

          • yeah  

            I'd like to point out how retarded it is to have Chris Kulawik for the counterargument here. At Columbia, unlike MANY schools, suites can be co-ed, and up until last year, Wien's bathrooms co-ed. So, men and women already share bathrooms, and if they're dating, they frequently share the same bedrooms.
            Also, I wonder what this Fox reporter would say to his son rooming with a gay individual. If he had to choose between his kid living with a gay guy or a straight girl...I bet you he'd choose the chick. Chris, what the fuck were you doing there?

  9. ROTC Argument  

    Can someone please publish a press release stating that banning the ROTC from campus recruitment is NOT a double standard in the context of the Ahmadinejad invitation. For fuck's sake, he came to SPEAK, not to recruit. The ROTC was recruiting following a discriminatory policy, and was hence banned from recruiting on campus. If they are invited to speak on campus, they will not be stopped. Fucking fox news argh dumbass republicans

    • here's one  


      "The most desperate attacks on Columbia have charged the institution with hypocrisy. One argument—Kristol trots it out, and so do John McCain and The Wall Street Journal—faults the school for allowing Ahmadinejad to speak while barring ROTC from campus. The two policies might have been comparable, I guess, if Ahmadinejad had used his time to train the audience for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards."

  10. get a life  

    Here's a thought: Maybe the College Republicans don't sit up at night worrying about what an insubstantial blog writes about them. They've been on MSNBC/Fox/etc. and even the Spectator recently, why would they care what Lydia DePillis and her brigade of underclassmen write or don't write about them? hahaha

  11. curious  

    when is bwog going to start posting about how the dems decided to carry around their banner at all time during the ahmadinejad press invasion, and unfurl it in all its "this is a deer, but pretend its a donkey" glory. that shit is way more funny

  12. im white  

    im hot, im masculo-sexy, and apparently im articulate. who wouldn't want me there? TOOLS.

  13. a bit off-topic, but  

    this school never fails to make me embarrassed to be a liberal (and, on a similar note, a registered Democrat).

    what bothers me more than the Republicans' choice of speakers/events/et al., or their willingness to capitalize on whatever media outlet is willing to put them out there, is the obligatory "liberal" backlash that always seems to involve this unrelenting motive to completely dismantle the CRs under the pretenses of gaining some sort of watershed victory for liberals everywhere. in actuality, all it would do is completely eliminate any semblance of legitimate counterpoint and debate to the overwhelming majority of whiny liberals that grace this university with their vanilla bourgeois presence.

    not to mention that this protesting is done much in the manner of a petulant younger child - but hey, at least you're training yourselves well to become the future Democratic leaders of our fine nation. I don't know how juvenile personal attacks against the members of the Republicans can be constructive or relevant to political debate, but I guess I can't really argue with it since everyone knows the Democrats bring sunshine and flowers and cute puppies while the Republicans fail to shower on a regular basis and pollute the world with their evil-doing concepts of "seeing issues with a different perspective " (if it's different, it must be wrong, right?) and "trying to add some badly-needed variety to politics on campus".

    I'd also like to congratulate Bwog's consistently fair and balanced reporting on issues like this.

  14. ten bucks says  

    #21 is in CU GOP.

    • a note with my 3 mil  

      and you assuming that I'm in the GOP just because I feel that they have a right to their opinions and, subsequently, have the right to express said opinions is exactly what I'm talking about. Columbia as a bastion of free speech my ass. deviate from the status quo and you become a pariah people want to censor. it's like being on the bizzaro-world version of The O'Reilly Factor, and it's disgusting and hypocritical.

      • Anonymous  

        i hardly see how mocking someone in the news and complaining about them is equal to "wanting to censor" them.

        if we use your own gift for the stretch against your own argument, it could be argued that you want to censor any anticonservative criticism...

        of course, we both know this is bullshit. be it your claims of a liberal majority at columbia trying to "censor" political thought they don't agree with or my claims of your own attempts to label anticonservative critcism coming from the majority as "censorship" as a means of "censoring" the majority itself.

        so can we lay off the heavy terms like "censor" unless they're truly warranted? please?

  15. 3 million bucks says  

    I am definitely not.

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