1. you

    mean, there's gold in queens. that rainbow ends in queens.

  2. or even

    nassau county. but definitely not brooklyn.

  3. that is

    SO not Brooklyn.

    -Someone from Brooklyn.

    P.S. Bwog, don't you EVER, EVER confuse ma hood with those Queens. EVER.

  4. from someone who  

    lives at the end of the 7 line.

    that's from queens.

    And you spelled Wien wrong.

  5. more to the point  

    what a beautiful rainbow

  6. ARR

    Shit I took a picture of this exact rainbow earlier today at the corner of Bedford and N 7th. Looks like somebody beat me to posting the pic...

  7. looks beautiful but  

    it's spelled W-I-E-N, the "i before e" rule applies. It's NOT WEIN. It's WIEN, like the city not the alcoholic beverage.

    --disgruntled WIEN resident

  8. how kind  

    bwog commenters are like free editors! fact-checkers! lucky bwog!

  9. hooray!  

    heart, stars, horseshoes, clovers, and blue moons! pots of gold, and rainbows, and me red balloons!

  10. BKBoy1554  

    I'm from Brooklyn and I will be proceeding to bust a cap in the author of this article's ass.

    Thank you.

  11. lucy  

    can someone tell me who took the original picture? or email me... my friends got married in queens last night and we all saw this rainbow on the way to the wedding... would love to have the full-size photo to give to them as a gift...

  12. qnsgal  

    queens trumps all boroughs (with the exception of Manhattan).

  13. i think  

    queens trumps manhattan also.

    - gnsguy

  14. robguy  

    rob trumps all queens.

  15. rainbow brite  

    more bwog posts like these, please! i need more random pretty things in my life.

  16. hA!  

    queens takes kings college

  17. wien  

    sucks. who cares if anyone misspells it

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