‘A’ has a new liquor license…we think

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Wine A Room Restaurant A–the most charming mom-and-pop, organic, French-Caribbean place that literally takes four years for freshman to find–looked long-gone with its facade painted and a real estate agent’s sign hanging like a great blue shroud.  Bwog wanted to cry and pound its tiny fists against the cold concrete. 

But appearances deceived, and we’re so glad they did. 

‘A,’ named for the nearby A train, has gone all grown up, scored a liquor license, and moved out of its parents’ house.  Its new incarnation is located on Columbus Ave between 107th and 108th. 

A call to the new location went unanswered, but the voice message–delivered in owner Marc Solomon’s impenetrable accent–said the place would open on a Sunday “very soon.”

Now the real question is this: how will A feel about our fakes?




  1. yum  

    i just hope sebastian is still there... hottest french caribbean i've ever seen

  2. a-enthusiast  

    it has always been on columbus between 107th and 108th...

  3. local alum

    true, but it actually moved a few doors north.

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