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  1. A Sane Student

    Protesting the core and walking out? Gee, what a commitment to education these students display.
    It's troubling that most of my 'colleagues' at Columbia act in such irrational and childish (whining) manners.

  2. umm  

    the Jena 6 protest doesn't make any demands except about the Jena 6. it mentions that the graffiti here 'brings to mind troubling issues' and then lists some controversies.

  3. EAL  

    Bwog, you're happy we LOST a football game?! If you had been there (as I was), you'd have realized that we came EXTREMELY close to winning. In fact, I feel that we lost the game more than Princeton won it. The offense was extremely productive, and though we were down 21-3 at one point, they never gave up and even took the lead in the second half before squandering it.

    Make no mistake folks, Norries Wilson is doing GREAT THINGS with the Columbia football team. This is a program that is certainly on the rebound. Just watch, and be patient.

    PS: Penn is 0-3 right now, and they just lost to DARTMOUTH. So I'm liking our chances against them for Homecoming. Y'all should go.

    • Well...  

      ...as much as I would love to be content with what happened on Saturday at Princeton, there are a few facts of the matter that still don't sit well.

      -Columbia had a golden opportunity to put this game away in the third quarter and make a huge statement in the league. After scoring a touchdown on the first possession of the half to take a 24-21 lead, the defense forced a fumble. The offense went three and out. Then the defense forced an interception. Then the offense went three and out again. Then Princeton scored to take the lead back. Then Columbia fumbled on the first play of their next possession and the Tigers scored again...suddenly it's 35-24 Princeton.

      -The offense has been as solid as I've ever seen them in my time at Columbia, putting up 25 points (the other TD was on Shalbrack's INT return in the 2nd) and scoring on a beautiful halfback pass then completing the two-point conversion. That being said, you're not going to win football games if the defense continues to allow the opposition to put up a ridiculous number of yards (Princeton had 570 yards of total offense). That being said, I honestly do think the defense has taken huge steps forward this year after that initial loss at Fordham, and was able to pressure the quarterback extremely well all game long Saturday.

      I have a feeling a lot of games in the Ivy League this year are going to be shootouts if both units continue playing like they have in the first three games. That should make for a pretty damn exciting season of football.

  4. Number 6

    I'm going on a hunger strike until the Columbia Bowl is reserved for the exclusive use of SCHOCC and other ethically right protests.

    Thank you, that is all.

  5. ugh  

    The New Yorker piece was fugly.

  6. Seriously  

    disappointed. The New Yorker piece simply recycled everything Bwog said. Lame nyer, lame. Don't they have their own creativity?

    Hooray bwog!

  7. random  

    Wow, I didn't know we even had a football team - a Division I team at that. Who would have known?

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