ESC and SGA 2011 Representatives Elected

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Congratulations to Barnard ’11 President Reni Calister! (Time to put the red cup down, Reni). She’ll be joined by Becky Gimple and Abbey Warner as the first-year SGA VP and Secretary, respectively. 

The wheels of democracy are also in motion over at SEAS. Kamal Yechoor of the Fu-Tang Clan was declared the first-year ESC president. His ticket took 58% of the vote, with over half the Fu first-years completing the online ballot.

And in CCSC news, does the official photo of the Class Action ticket look like a promotional shot for Gossip Girl or what?



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  1. seriously  

    we should file a class action suit.

  2. why is  

    that buzzlightyear guy sucking in so much air? hopefully, he'll make good on his promise to bring SEAS to infinite and beyond, which apparently both exists and doesn't exist AT THE SAME TIME.

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