1. good day  

    Thank you Bwog. Someone had to say something.

  2. I'm just saying...  

    it must be a slow day...but crocs are WAAAYYYY worse.

  3. meh  

    I wear boots, but then again, I grew up in rural Louisiana. I don't think I would feel right buying boots in NYC.

  4. about that  

    not..quite...sure who gave bwog the right to hand out fashion advice.

  5. ---

    Those particular boots just don't look that great. But there's nothing wrong with wearing cowboy boots in New York.

  6. boo  

    i grew up in rural louisiana as well (there are two of us at columbia? what?)
    and i don't think i've ever seen anything quite like those.

  7. Jon Voigt  

    looks good in cowboy boots in new york.

  8. haha

    these are always for girls, teehee!

  9. omgz  

    did those come with a free barbie dream house?

  10. bwog  

    i really have no idea what to make of you sometimes.

  11. Anonymous  

    my boots own those boots...

  12. finish the line  

    these boots were made for....

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